QISS believes that organizing school-wide events throughout the year helps to build community and reinforce in-class learning. These events give students a chance to interact with their peers, actively take part in their learning process, and enjoy themselves. They also provide an opportunity for parents and other community members to get involved and to see what is happening around school.

International Day (September 21, 2019)
Held on campus early in the school year, this event celebrates the uniqueness of all the nationalities represented within our school community. It is a time for students, parents, and faculty to share their cultural heritage.

Talent Show (November 27, 2019)
The QISS Talent Show allows students to display their hidden skills and talents in front of their classmates, their parents, and the staff.

QISS Gala (December 7, 2019)
The 1st Annual QISS Gala & Silent Auction was held on December 7th, 2013 at the Shangri-la Hotel. Hi-lights included socializing and dancing for parents and staff of QISS. In 2017, the PTA raised over 25,000RMB to support two local children in need of heart surgeries with help from the Qingdao Red Cross.

Winter Holiday Program (December 13, 2019)
One of two school-wide musical performances during the year, this event is typically held in mid-December and includes performances from both Lower School and Upper School students.

China Day (January 17, 2020)
Typically held before Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), students at QISS celebrate the richness of Chinese culture through songs, poetry, and other colorful performances. Chinese arts and crafts, traditional foods, and local artisans join our school community for a special day of celebration.

Festival of Words (February 17-21, 2020)
During this annual week-long festival, all students display their essays, poetry, short stories, and a wide variety of other published works celebrating the written word. In addition, speeches, spelling bees, and language games are held throughout the week.

Innovation Fair (March 28, 2020)
Students gathered data and conducted experiments weeks ahead of this event, which culminated with a school-wide exhibition. It is organized by teachers and strongly supported by parents.

ACAMIS Math Olympiad and Rubik’s Cube Competition (April 24, 2020)
This is an ACAMIS event in which 4th to 6th graders from around China compete to show their mathematical knowledge and skills. They will also confront that vexing logic problem: the Rubik’s Cube. In 2018, students from Shanghai, Suzhou, Macau, Beijing and Shenzhen attended the 2 day event hosted by QISS.

Spring Program (June 5, 2020)
Each year, the upper school and lower school music department collaborate to produce the spring music concert. It is an end of the year celebration of music and performing arts.

Sports Day (June 9, 2020)
Traditionally held during the final week of school, this action-packed day serves as a celebration of a year of hard work in the classroom. Parents and staff are invited to join in the fun as students compete in a variety of sports and games.