Lower School Overview


The learning experience at QISS is designed as a continuous journey of self-development from Pre-K through Grade 5. We believe that every year spent at QISS is a unique opportunity for students to engage with a coherent inquiry focused curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and tailored to our students’ individual learning needs.

During their time in Lower School, students will:

  • interact in a range of educational settings, working individually and in groups
  • learn to explore the world with curiosity, asking questions and developing skills in problem solving and interpretation
  • continue to develop a range of social skills, in and outside the classroom
  • enjoy a range of extracurricular opportunities
  • continue to develop the various literacies (reading, writing, mathematical) that will be key to all future learning
  • learn and develop language skills in English and Mandarin
  • practice written and oral skills through authentic instruction and performance-based formative assessments (Key Assignments)

Lower School Student and Parent Handbook

The Lower School Student and Parent Handbook (linked below) outlines grade-level specific content and standards to philosophies on homework and assessment. Please read the handbook to learn more about Lower School at QISS.

Lower School Student and Parent Handbook