Learning Resource Center (LRC)

LRC Flyers

Located in the Administration Building on the QISS campus, the LRC Program provides services to students in need of Chinese or English language assistance by:

  • Further enhancing their key language skills;
  • Applying their learning to their practice;
  • Learning more about the Chinese cultural heritage and language and English Language. Chinese and English LRC Flyer.

LRC develops the enjoyment and commitment to learning as a means of encouraging and stimulating the best possible progress for all of its students. The programs build on the students’ strengths, interests, and experiences to develop their confidence. In turn, students will become independent thinkers and collaborative learners.

Download Application Form (Chinese Version)from here:Application Form - Chinese 2017-2018 LRC

Download Application Form (Korean Version) from here:Application Form - Korean 2017-2018 LRC

English Language Intervention

The English Language Intervention classes are designed particularly for non-English speakers. These courses in the LRC are organized on the basis of four key stages.

Stage 1: Beginning Communication in English

It focuses on the student’s prior language knowledge to introduce to them the English language and to help students adjust to their new cultural environment. Students will develop the ability to use oral and written English for daily needs, acquire basic conversational skills and vocabulary, and to use simple sentence patterns.

Stage 2: Developing Communication Skills in English

It expands the student’s fundamental English communication skills, cultural knowledge and introduces the language of classroom studies. Students will develop their oral skills in the classroom, learn reading strategies, expand their vocabulary, and use more complex sentence patterns in their writing. Students will also learn how to use community resources available to them.

Stage 3: Study Skills in English

The course further extends the student’s skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing English for a variety of everyday and academic purposes. Students will develop the oral-presentation, reading and writing skills required to succeed in all of their school subjects. Students will make short oral presentations in the classroom, read a variety of adapted and original texts in English, and write in a variety of text formats.

Stage 4: English for School and Work

This course prepares students to use English with increasing accuracy in all classrooms, social situations, and to participate in society as informed citizens. They will enhance their listening and speaking skills through their participation in discussions and seminars, study and interpret a variety of grade level texts, write narratives and articles, and summarize in English. Also students will expand their vocabulary and their study skills to facilitate their transition to mainstream school programs.

For more information please contact the LRC coordinator, Ms. Michelle Merrick